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What if the audience was not suitable for the product?

Determining, creating, stabilizing and taking care of the position or position in the market and in the mind of the target audience is probably the most important issue for high class (luxury) brands. Because the needs, priorities and preferences of customers are completely different from other classes and are generally influenced by internal levers.

Buying jewelry from where, how and with what carat is different! No?Who can buy even a rare piece of jewelry? It is a deeper dive into this concept.

It is definitely not easy to access brands in the ultra-luxury class such as Goharbin jewelry; And it shouldn’t be.Our work at Atsign advertising agency was to design a solution to understand the audience’s background, reputation, position and aesthetic criteria of the brand. What better tool than the frames that shine from the sales space and the wonderful details of its products? So that customers can experience the image of the brand identity in the frame from a distance.

In the design process for Goharbin, our achievement was to confirm the theory of not selling, in practice. Since some high-level brands have both the capacity to carefully select customers and the will to do it. Because choosing a customer in another sense means removing it …

If the brand, in the process of managing and taking care of itself, recognizes that the customer is not suitable for its product…








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Date: 2022

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